Pearl Street Farmers Market

Whether you’re picking up some locally sourced organically grown produce for tonight’s dinner, taking Fido for a stroll around Wash Park, or just looking for a great way to spend a slow Sunday with friends and family, the Pearl Street Farmers Market is a must. With over 60 vendors showcasing everything from potted herbs to organic honey and hormone free beef to Colorado flag apparel, the market has something for everyone. Throw in some fantastic local food trucks and Old South Pearl Street restaurants and you’re virtually guaranteed a fantastic event that will keep you coming back every Sunday.

Walking into the market the atmosphere is buzzing. Hundreds of people move from tent to tent inspecting local goods. Everyone from college students to young families, to retirees get in on the fun. Despite the crowd, it’s relatively easy to keep moving but be prepared for a couple slow spots around the more popular vendors. The center of the market boasts an impressive assortment of local food trucks offering up some great eats but If you’re looking for a more traditional dining experience try one of Pearl Street’s many fantastic restaurants listed here. As you browse through various vendors’ tents a truly unique and special part of the farmers market experience is the ability to interact with local growers. Asking questions, no matter how basic, is welcomed by all the vendors and many times leads to helpful hints, tips, or recipes. However, farmers and vendors aren’t the only source of knowledge in the market. Throughout the season the market is host several events that shine a light on specific topics which can be seen here.

Getting out and supporting local farmers markets is just one of the many ways to embrace sustainability in your everyday life. Buying local food not only tastes better but it’s also shown to contain more nutrients because of how quickly it gets to you; the buyer. Purchasing local food also has the advantage of promoting sustainable food practices like planting GMO-free seeds, maintaining genetic diversity in crops, and using organic farming methods.  So go and  enjoy local food, restaurants, vendors, and entertainment; who knows? You might just discover your new Sunday hangout for the summer.


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