Our Mission

Empowerment through education, Sustainability through action.

Denver is an amazing city and we hope to keep it that way. Our goal is to spread the word about sustainability issues in Denver so that all of us can make more informed decisions as individuals and as a community. We imagine that Denver can eventually be a leader in sustainability because of its size, environment, and amazing local communities. The first step towards that future is education about environmental and sustainability issues. As you read through our site hopefully you will gain a better understanding about sustainability in Denver and how you can help us reach our goal of a sustainable Denver

Education on Issues

By providing education on important sustainability issues we hope to spread awareness and motivate positive changes in Denver

Event Information

We provide information about events taking place in the Denver area so that individuals and groups can come together in support of creating a sustainable Denver.

Present Projects

Projects from individuals and groups alike are presented with the purpose of showcasing the possibilities of sustainable initiatives. 

Join us for our Mission


We provide education on sustainability with the end goal of making Denver a uniquly sustainable city.


Building new and improving old infrastructure is a key starting point for sustainability


As a city, Denver is particularly passionate about our environmental resources. Understanding that they are finite and managing them accordingly is a major part of our goal


Food is one of the few necessary elements to human life. Protecting our supply, encouraging safe practices, and creating innovative solutions is key to our future


Arguably our most valuable resources, Denver's water ways must be protected and enhanced for the future.


Alternative energy sources are critical to Denver's future. 300 days of sunshine and chinook winds from our mountains make Denver an ideal location for sustainable energy